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The Details

The Multiverse of Women is a community promoting the advancement of diverse women in society, technology and the crypto space. The MOW Collection was created to highlight the power and uniqueness of every woman, featuring 10,000 randomly generated digital collectibles of various rarity, living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Multiverse of Women NFT is not only an awesome fine art JPEG, but it’s also an exclusive membership card that allows access to members-only benefits which will be revealed over time.
As part of our roadmap development, our vision is to bridge the NFT space with the physical world, one of the many pros is that ownership and commercial usage rights are given to the owner, over their NFT.  Read the complete License here.
With the Multiverse of Women not only will you be able to collect super awesome unique and diverse NFTs but you’ll be contributing to something much larger. We have plans to contribute significantly to worthy causes across the globe while also being able to give back to our awesome community members. One ambitious goal is to provide 10,000 meals to girls living in poverty. That’s not a typo. Ten thousand.

Ramp up your digital assets with MOW

Multiverse of Women, with its unrelenting determination to stand for diversity, inclusivity, and true equality, brings you the best NFT tokens to buy to help you amass valuable assets!
Find exclusive print giveaways at MoW. Quickly become a part of the Mow club by being among the first 250 NFT holders at MoW to enjoy access to our various existing and upcoming projects. You can be a part of Multiverse by considering it your favorite place where you can buy NFT tokens!


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The Multiverse of Women is a community promoting the advancement of diverse women in society, technology and the crypto space. We strongly believe our project will make a meaningful difference to the lives of women across the globe.
Our Mission is to bring more women into the NFT space, support and help them thrive. We seek to drive the importance of inclusivity in this space through our project and messaging. This is not just an art project. This is a community, a community that will empower women across the globe. A community that will change the world.
We welcome you to Step Into The Multiverse and be a part of this journey.



Meet the Team



Zoya is one of our founders and an artist of our amazing artwork. Zoya has put countless amount of hours to make sure the artwork is error-free.



Praza is one of our founders and a artist, creating 100s and 100s of beautiful and diverse traits to support our mission of empowering women across the globe.



Eleni is our Developer and geeky queen! She believe blockchain technology will revolutionize the world very soon.


An NFT token is a digital asset existing on a Block chain, a record of transactions kept on networked computers. The Block chain operates as a public ledger that enables anyone to confirm the authenticity of NFT and its ownership.

So unlike most digital assets, people look for NFT tokens to buy that have a unique digital signature, making it one of its kind. They are usually purchased with crypto currencies or in dollars while the Block chain keeps the record of transactions. Anyone can view the NFT tokens for sale, but only the buyer has the status of the official owner.

The price to mint 1 Woman Tribe NFT is 0.05 ETH.

Details to be announced soon. tune into our Discord.