Women IN NFT

Shaking Up the World OF Art

Collect rare digital art pieces depicting powerful and resilient women throughout history at Multiverse Of Women that eclipse rest of your NFT art collection. We aim to promote diversity, equality, and inclusivity, giving women a chance to make their mark in the NFT realm as they have in others. Buy NFT digital art at MOW, where you get a stunning mix of creativity and quality. Our altruism and determination to bring real change to the world make us the best place to buy NT art online. Press the mint button at the top to get ownership of ultra-cool art pieces.

You Get More by Giving More

We make sure you get more by purchasing NFT artwork for sale at MoW. You get super-cool giveaways and entry rights to the creator challenge, where there are so many NFTs and Crypto prizes to grab. By being one of the first 250 holders of an MoW NFT, you become eligible for all the above PLUS exclusive airdrops and access to upcoming projects.
You get exclusive access to our MoW merch store in Phase 3 when you own a MOW NFT. Where you will find members-only products and discount offers to drool over.

Abstractiona NFT

Abstractiona NFT Collections is a airdrop Collection of Multiverse of Women Exclusive only for Multiverse of Women NFT holders. 1000 Randomly Abstract Generated Ladies on the Polygon Chain stands for power, diversity, and endless possibility.
We’ve started the Abstractiona, and we’re offering up an Abstract lady for adoption to the first 1000 members of the Multiverse of Women for free.
Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/abstractiona

What Is NFT Art

An NFT token is a digital asset existing on a Blockchain, a record of transactions kept on networked computers. The Blockchain operates as a public ledger that enables anyone to confirm the authenticity of NFT and ownership.
So unlike most digital assets, people look for NFT tokens to buy that have a unique digital signature, making it one of its kinds. They are usually purchased with cryptocurrencies while the Blockchain keeps the record of transactions. Anyone can view the NFT tokens for sale, but only the buyer has the status of the official owner.

Space Troops Airdrop

Chama,Chama (cha-ma) coming from the small constelation in southern sky called Chamaeleon (/kəˈmiːliən/),It is named after the chameleon, as you can guess, she’s a shape shifter. she’s a perfect spy for the troops. This is a special limited edition Airdrop piece for the Multiverse of Women NFT collection holders drawn by Rena aka @halorena
The first 1000 eligible Verified holders received this special drop.
Space Troops secondary royalties goes to Rena to help reach her goals in the web3 space.
Opensea: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x11a0d00f7fb8b903819b482ac3bd6e35763b5df7/1

Become a Part of Something Bigger With MoW

MOW is not just any community. It is a community created to empower women in every corner of the world. Considerable thought has been given to creating every element of the MoW community so that each serves to strengthen, empower, and bring about a world where diversity, equality, and inclusivity are celebrated.
You can become a part of something much bigger with MoW. You can become one of the awesome community members who can contribute to the several charity projects that we host that help women in need across the world. We are running a charitable mission of providing 10,000 free meals to poor women, of which you can become a part!

Teen Tidals Club NFT

Teen Tidal Club Collection is our next airdrop collection that is created to support the teenagers in Ukraine. Our Artist behind this drew this collection when their country is in uncertainty and wanted to make a difference through her art.
We will be revealing the artist once Phase 3 completes.
For eligibility please go to our Discord and read our announcement for more information. 

How NFT Artwork Helps the Artists

The NFT artwork provides the artists with holistic benefits that include:
  • complete ownership and liberty to display, rent out, or sell artwork (for details read complete license)  . Once the artwork is created, it is tokenized on Blockchain, which is a transactional system that records information. Since it cannot be hacked, it is extremely useful for tracking copyright ownership. Thus, any digital masterpiece you own and mint will lead to you only.
  • It is the best way to monetize your work. You don’t have to chase after clients or prepare any files to print. Without any wait for feedback or editing, your work sits well to the client’s needs.
  • Your NFT artwork for sale allows you a global outreach.
  • It offers a chance to sell and display your work outside the physical spaces, increasing your reach to audiences worldwide.
  • NFT provides a safe and inclusive environment for artists.
MoW, with the aim to bring women to the fore by celebrating and encouraging their advancement in society, science and technology, and crypto space, brings them to NFTs through the avatars of strong and powerful women.
Collect incredibly unique NFTs and contribute to promoting a change for the betterment of the world with MoW!